Residential Aged Care

The decision to move into care can be a hard one for the individual themselves, and their family members.As an organisation, Edgarley is committed to providing person-centred care to meet the individual choices, preferences and health needs of our residents.

Person centred care promotes a positive interaction between the carer and the resident and ensures the resident is actively involved in their care which supports their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Incoming residents are encouraged to visit and tour Edgarley Assisted Living when preparing to make their decision about moving into aged care.

Edgarley Assisted Living seeks to make that process easier by explaining the process residents must participate in before they become a resident. This is contained with our Incoming Resident Handbook.


Required assessment process

Before moving into care at Edgarley Assisted Living, it is a requirement that residents have an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) undertaken.

Aged care assessments are conducted by Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) teams to assist older people and their carers living in Victoria to identify which care will best meet their needs. ACAS are multi-disciplinary independent teams that facilitate access to Commonwealth-funded residential aged care and residential respite care.

What does the assessment involve?

The assessment will look at the the person and their needs as an individual. It looks at whether the person has carer requirements, activity limitations, assistance requirements, medical conditions and a general lifestyle assessment. This will form the basis for the assessor to make a determination for the care requirements of the person.

After the assessment and move into care – what next?

Once the person has moved into care, there will be a seven day settling in period before a 21 day Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) assessment is undertaken. The 21 day ACFI is a number of tests, measurement and observations that will be used to determine the level of care the person will receive. Included in the assessment will be medical conditions, medical officer notes and information and other relevant information.

What does Edgarley Assisted Living provide?

All residents entering care at Edgarley Assisted Living are entitled to; accommodation, furnishings, bedding, general laundry service, meals, refreshments, toiletry goods, activities, emergency assistance, assistance with daily living activities, access to medical professionals if and when required, care services, allied health services and common areas for relaxing.

You can find out more about our care services and what is provided and available to residents and other information by reading through our Incoming Resident Handbook

Fees, charges and costs:

The way in which fees are charged within the aged care system can be complex and confusing. At Edgarley, we are happy to try and help you understand the financial aspects of care. There is a breakdown of the financial aspect of care within the Incoming Resident Handbook, which explains fees and charges, and how assessments and reviews as part of the Federal Government funding models influence these. If you would like further clarfication, do not hesitate to contact Edgarley Assisted Living’s CEO on (03) 5581 1211.

All residents entering aged care pay what is referred to as the Daily Care Fee.  This is set by the Federal Department of Health and is reviewed twice a year, at the same time the pension is reviewed.

The result of the ACFI assessment determines what level of care the person receives, the assistance they require, dietary requirements and the support mechanisms they will require, and this information is then used to determine financial assistance through Federal Government subsidies and pensions, and care fees.

For further information, please refer to the Incoming Resident Handbook available online HERE which explains the terminology used in the aged care sector, the process of assessment, Edgarley’s fees and charges and how that relates to the assessments undertaken by the Federal Government, and the answers many other frequently asked questions.

Application process:

Those people wishing to enter care at Edgarley Assisted Living – either within the main building unit or into one of our independant living units – are asked to complete an application form available HERE

Many frequently asked questions about Edgarley’s care and the processes involved with moving into care are explained in the Incoming Resident Handbook.