The Edgarley Home Inc Board is on the search for a new CEO after Steve Toope resigned last week for family reasons. Mr Toope has been CEO of the local aged care facility for the past eleven years.

Board Chair, Andrew Speirs said the Board accepted his resignation and fully understood the reasons behind the resignation.
“It’s certainly not something we were planning for, with a number of developments happening at Edgarley including the commencement of the new building works, however we fully support Steve at this difficult time and wish him all the best,” Mr Speirs said.
Mr Speirs said the Board has already started its search for a new CEO and will be casting the advertising net as wide as possible to attract the right person, with the necessary skills, experience and expertise.
Mr Toope said that this is not the way he had wished to leave Edgarley, however circumstances were beyond his control.
“There is still a lot of unfinished business with Edgarley and I would hope the new replacement will continue on with the exciting expansions underway at Edgarley,” he said.
Mr Toope believes he is leaving the organisation in a stronger position than when he started.
“There is still work to be done and the aged care sector has a number of issues that lay ahead of it. Funding is one of the key issues for Edgarley, as it is with the whole sector,” he said.
“Since I started in this role in 2008, our funding has always remained a source of contention. To put this into context, we have received approximately half of the CPI for each year. It is not difficult to deduce the problems that arise from this arrangement. I’m proud that, as an organisation, we have been creative and entrepreneurial enough to enable us to grow and manage the funding shortfall. In the future there will be a catch-up time,” he said.
Mr Toope said the current Royal Commission into the aged care sector will undoubtably throw up challenges and recommendations for not only the sector but also for the government. He is hopeful there will be a recommendation for an increase in funding.
“This is a head and a heart issue. My heart says it should happen, my head tells me considering the past government rhetoric and lack of funds that it won’t happen,” he said.
Mr Toope said the staff at Edgarley have been very supportive of him and should be congratulated.
“Aged care is not easy. It is difficult, hard and demanding work. I could not do what the staff do and I take my hat off to them for their dedication. The broader community should be proud they have people who can look after our elderly citizens. Very proud indeed,” Mr Toope said.
“I would also like to thank the current and past members of the voluntary Edgarley Board, who have guided the organisation through some difficult and trying times. Without their support we would not have been able to achieve the success we have over the past eleven years. They should all be congratulated,” he said.
Mr Toope believes Casterton has a bright future and there are many opportunities that can and should be pursued.
“It has a conservative nature to it and if it can shake off some of the traditional shackles and embrace the challenges, it can buck the trend facing some many rural communities and thrive.
“I will be sad to leave, but I know the organisation will continue to progress and the redevelopment will be a huge achievement for Edgarley and provide stimulus for the broader Casterton community,” Mr Toope said.

Oct 7, 2019 Category: General