What we do

Edgarley Assisted Living is a community based not for profit aged care facility based in Casterton in western Victoria. We were established in 1955 and are overseen by a Board of volunteer Directors and the day to day operations are managed by a full time CEO. The facility was established in 1955 and commenced operations as two houses and has added capacity over the years to now cater for 43 residents and 23 independent units.

The Board of Directors is drawn from the local community and they give their time freely to contribute to the broader community.

Edgarley is the second largest employer in Casterton and makes a significant economic contribution to the local community. It injects $1.8m in salaries and a further $350,000 into the local community on an annual basis. We currently have a staff of 55 employed on a full time, part time or casual basis, including Registered and Enrolled nurses, Personal Care Workers, domestics, caters, administration and maintenance. Our staff  are all qualified and have the opportunity to participate in training to improve their career options and to improve their skills to better manage the health and well being of our residents.

As an aged care facility, our role is to provide for the regions elderly citizens who, for various reasons, have found it difficult to remain in their home and require assistance with their daily care needs. EHI provides the support they need to live a comfortable life in their community they have been involved with all their life. Residents who move into EHI are downsizing and changing address. Residents are free to continue to live the life they have established and continue to play a role in their loved ones lives and the general community.

The decision to move into aged care is not easy and EHI does strive to develop a facility and a culture that respects resident’s independence, dignity and individuality.

I would encourage potential residents to contact the Supervisor, Director of Nursing (DON) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and arrange a visit to the facility. You and family members can be taken on a tourer of the facility, meet the residents, EHI staff and meet with the CEO and the management team, to discuss financial and other arrangements to relocate to EHI. The CEO and/or the DON can lead you through the complexities of aged care and give you the information you need to make a decision and to also start the process of moving into aged care.

As an organisation we are committed to providing person centred care to meet the individual choices, preferences and health needs of our residents. Person centred care promotes a positive interaction between the career and the resident and ensures the resident is actively involved in their care and supports their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

I would request that you take the opportunity to contact EHI and discuss your possible move into EHI.

Edgarley Assisted Living Casterton